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迷迭香花園 Rosemary Garden
華人第一位美國註冊臨床藥草師RH(AHG) Erica Kuo 創辦,她原本是資深醫藥記者,但長達廿年的過敏歷史及孩子意外受傷的疤痕,開啟她與香草的奇遇之路,並在美國修習香藥草,芳療及園藝等專業知識,完成"香草療癒魔法書""天然無毒清理術"等暢銷書,並在康健雜誌撰寫天然香草及芳療教學專欄,我們的研發顧問並有醫師與藥師背景我們希望每個人擁有香草療癒魔力!

我們的明星迷迭香花園金盞花膏Calendula Salve產品,還獲台灣馬偕醫院急診醫師推薦。我們有機茶還獲得自然醫學聯青診所推薦讓女性可以免於依賴止痛藥!


About Rosemary Garden and The Founder 

Our service:
Herbal medicine and Aromatherapy consultation, Herbal Blending , Herbal and Aromatherapy education. 
We carry organic bulk herbs, blending herbal teas, organic essential oil, organic handmade soap, organic infused oil, organic hydrosols from certified farms and companies around the world.

What We Do

We take pride in creating products that:
。are made using active herbal extracts,
    some of which we handmade by using
    organic or wildcrafted herbs.

。have been formulated by a herbalist
    (Erica Kuo) who understands the value
    of botanical simplicity and has an
    intimate knowledge of the plant world.


She is a USA registered herbalist, certified Master Gardener, Aromatherapist. She also is an enthusiastic herbal educator. Her herbal remedy books are bestsellers in Taiwan.      

。are created with care and positive
    intention for their purpose.

。use only ingredients that are plant
    derived and have undergone
    minimal processing.

。use 100% natural ingredients that have
    a high natural activity due to their
    botanical nature which resonates well
    within the body.we actively educate
    the public about the benefits of using
    natural products.

。we use a natural preservative system
    based on essential oil and plant extracts.

。we use natural colours made from nature. 

What We Don't Do

。 we do not use synthetic preservatives
     and wax, like parabens phenoxyethanol
     and PE wax(usually in lip balm,
     ointment, balm) to give our products
     a long shelf life.

。we do not use petro-chemical
    derived ingredients.

。we do not use synthetic colours,
    fragrances or harsh ingredients.

。we do not test on animals.

。we do not use excessive packaging.
    We are aware of the environmental
    impact of superfluous packaging
    and also the cost which is always
    passed onto the customer.

。we do not" Greenwash", which is
    when companies use words such
     as natural and pure to describe
     products which contain synthetic
     chemicals and minimal amounts
     of pure ingredients. 

This website is intended to provide education information for the reader on the covered subject. It is not intended to take the place of personalized medical counseling, diagnosis and treatment from a trained health professional.