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Quality Control

Commitment to Quality

 Since 2012, quality has meant everything to us:

We have worked on more than 20 organic farms ,and companies worldwide. All of the products manufactured and distributed by Rosemary Garden are Non-GMO, nor have they ever been subjected to irradiation or chemical sterilization process. Furthermore, we guarantee that all agricultural products sold by Rosemary Garden are either certified organic, or have been grown,harvested, and processed without the use of harmful synthetics, sewage, sludge,pesticides, formaldehyde, or sulfites.


 “Organic” refers not only to the medicinal herbs themselves, but also to how they are produced and processed.Organic agricultural production is based on a system of farming that mimics natural ecosystems and maintains and replenishes the fertility and nutrients of the soil.

Organic Certification means:

Our products have been grown and handled according to strict National Organic Program (NOP)/USDA  and Europe standards that include inspecting farm fields, and processing facilities.

o  We keep detailed records for trace ability.

o  We use only organic approved pest control methods and do not employ irradiation or genetic modification.

o  We work closely with organic regulation to ensure compliance.

o  Our follow the USDA, the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and Oregon Tilth Certified Organic as a food processing facility.

o  We work closely with American Herbalists Guild and have received, and will continue to receive, certificates of authenticity for the herbs we carry.

Why certified Organic?

 We only carry certified organic or natural products,so that you can depend on our standards of quality. Certification requires that only approved methods and materials are used in growing and processing. The USDA/NOP, Europe guidelines that we follow to assure you the highest quality as a baseline.

What are our wildcrafter standards?

We respect our wildcrafters and the heritage they bring to our industry. We strive to preserve the legacy of collection practices forgathering plants in wild ecosystems. We only trust wildcrafters who adhere to our policies. Here is a list of the criteria we require of our harvesters:

o  Location and Ecological niche: We seek areas that are free of contamination from roadways, housing, poor water and air quality. We require a description of area, slope, direction, and proximity to stream beds.

o  Percentage of Population Harvested: We seek to protect pristine stands of herbs from being over harvested by determining what percentage of species was harvested and when the area was last harvested, to help allow stands to regenerate for future gathering.

o  Handling Methods: We seek skillful selection with expert knowledge of species. Careful separating, garbling, drying, and cleaning of product ensures herb purity and vitality.

o  Consistent and Accurate Record Keeping: Harvest protocol sheets are required which include time of day, temperature, weather conditions and a description of the area; public or private land, logging condition,distance from the road, power lines and any known history of pesticides or fertilizers for each lot we receive.

o  Personal Guarantee by the Wildcrafters: Each independent wildcrafter must demonstrate an adherence to the highest standards and must personally guarantee that each herb has been ecologically harvested. They must show regard for the integrity of the plant population and environment, and obtain any verification of species required from a botanist that may be necessary.

What about grown without chemicals

Grown without chemicals means that our herbs are sourced from  known and trusted suppliers who cultivate the herb without pesticides or herbicides or any chemicals. We require these herbs to be grown with the same standards as certified organic.Often times the supplier elects not to become certified organic because of expenses associated with the process. We have thoroughly researched the resources and can offer a small selection of these products from trusted sources when we cannot find sufficient certified organic or wild crafted sources. Less than two percent of our products are GWC.

 We hope you enjoy the quality of our herbal products. We will continue to work diligently to be your reliable supplier of organic botanicals.

 Sourcing Our Botanicals

 Here at Rosemary Garden, the first criteria for purchasing botanicals are the potential social and environmental impacts of growing,harvesting, and drying herbs. This applies to all botanical goods harvested and produced overseas, as well as right here in the United States.

 We have a strict policy that guarantees workers a fair market value for the goods they produce. We have discontinued items and refused to carry particular products because laborers were not given an equal voice, affair wage, or because we felt sensitive bio regions were being compromised.

 Our first choice when sourcing herbs is always certified organic. If organic isn’t available, we will choose an ethically wildharvested or "cultivated without chemicals" option. If wildly gathered materials harvested, each gatherer must fill out a "wild take audit" to ensure that our precious plant populations have only undergone a sustainable 10% take.

 Quality in the Field

we have built solid foundations with farmers and suppliers who consistently provide quality herbs and spices that meet our high standards.

 Quality from the Farm to You

If you live in Asia with hot, high moisture condition, we encourage to store the herbs in cool, dark and electric dehumidified machine.Please use the herbs within 3 months after purchase to ensure the highest potency.