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Terms and Conditions

If you have questions about our terms of service, please contact us online or see below for our emailing address:

Rosemary Garden

Welcome to Rosemary Garden’s wholesale program! At Rosemary Garden we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products to our customers. Our high quality standards are some of the strictest in the industry and we are honored to offer you this same quality as part of our wholesale program. Our wholesale program is split into four groups:Wholesale, Professional, Institutional and Institutional Member. Please review the information below to find out more about each group.


To qualify for our Wholesale Group,you must agree to sell, market, and distribute Rosemary Garden’s products in aretail store. A reseller is required to have state documentation of a resalepermit or state equivalent. We do not allow resellers to sell on market places including (but not limited to) Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Taobao,Yahoo, Shopee etc. If you are interested in selling Rosemary Garden’s products online through your own personal website, please contact us at garden.rosemary@gmail.comfor approval.


To qualify for our Professional Group,you must be a licensed herbalist,aromatherapist, practitioner, massagetherapist and/or chiropractor, and you must agree to use Rosemary Garden's products in your professional settings. Professionals are required to provide registered documentation of their profession.


To qualify for our Institutional Group, you must be an educational institution (school districts, colleges,universities, etc.), Government (Navy, Marines, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard,etc.) or health care institution (Doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals,hospice, etc.). Institutions are required to provide state documentation of their institution.

Institutional Member Group

To qualify for our Institutional Member Group, you must be a member of one of the institutions listed above. Ifyou belong to an educational institution (school districts, colleges,universities, etc.), government institution (Navy, Marines, Air Force, Army,Coast Guard, etc.) or health care institution (Doctor’s offices, clinics,hospitals, hospice, etc.) and want to purchase Rosemary Garden’s products foryour own personal use, this is the group for you. Institutional Members arerequired to provide a copy of your institutional I.D. or other state documentation of your institutional membership.Those that qualify for the government institution, will not be required to provide a copy of your institutional I.D. If you would like to be a part of our Institutional Member Group, please contact us at garden.rosemary@gmail.com for approval.