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Rosemary Garden is celebrating our 6-year anniversary, and, wow, have we come a long way! Here’s a look at how we grew from a small family business to the thriving organic herbs and essential oils community you know today:


2011 — Rosemary Garden founder Registered Herbalist(AHG) Erica Kuo handmade calendula salve for his son's wound. Then the wound was healed amazing quickly. She gave the salves to relatives and friends. She also wrote two popular books about natural cleaning and herbal remedies in Chinese. She wrote this story in her books. Many readers are touched and wrote to the publisher to request to buy the magic balm. That was why we start. That encouraged her to set up a online herb store. At beginning, we only have 20 products.


2012 — While sourcing essential oils for the products, Erica saw a need in the market for high-quality and organic essential oils at affordable prices. We start organic essential oil line. We launch our Facebook. 


2014 —We reached 4000 customers. Erica visited organic soap, hydrosol, herbs farm in USA. We work with over 10 organic farms, companies. Erica also learned how to distill high quality hydrosol. We launch app and official website.

Erica attended workshop held by worldwide famous essential safety expert Robert Tisserand 


2015— We carry Plant Therapy essential oil and rollers. We have whole line of high quality organic copper-distillation hydrosol.


2016—We have line account to communicate our customers.


2017—Erica attended advanced aromatherapy workshop held by Rhiannon Lewis. Erica visited France suppliers.